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Minionz is a community-driven Solana-based meme coin designed for fun and profit. With a unique blend of engaging community activities and serious financial potential. Our goal is simple: empower our holders to transform their Minionz into Millionz.

Beyond being a cryptocurrency ... Minionz embodies a movement ... We see Solana's transformative potential and are devoted to fostering a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all.
Utility of $MINIONZ
Our tokens are more than just digital assets; they're your all-access pass to Minionz Swap ... An upcoming exclusive DeFi analytics and premium features designed to elevate your trading game. From real-time insights to portfolio management; Minionz tokens not only entertain but empower!

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our project is currently under active development
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Locked for 1 year

1 Billion $MINIONZ

Token Address


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  • Dominate

🍌 Peeling Stage

  • 🧠 Idea Validation & Market Fit
  • 🕵️‍♂️ In-depth Market Research
  • 💻 Website & Brand Development
  • 📈 Strategic Marketing Planning
  • 📝 Smart Contract Creation & Audit
  • 🌐 Social Media & Community Engagement
  • 🔍 Tokenomics & Utility Design
  • 🤝 Early Adopters & Partnerships Engagement
  • 🔒 Security Measures Implementation
  • 🌟 Vision & Mission Articulation

🍌 Slicing Stage

  • 🗓 4-Day PreSale Strategy on Pinksale
  • 🔧 Prototype Showcase of Minionz Swap
  • 🛠 Preparing Liquidity Pool for Raydium
  • 🚀 Agressive Marketing & Influencer Campaigns
  • 🌐 CMC & CG Application for Early Exposure
  • 🔥 Building Hype & Community Trust
  • 📊 Detailed Analytics & Forecasting
  • 🎨 Professional Branding & Advertisements
  • 📝 Whitepaper & Detailed Documentation
  • 🤝 Strengthening Key Partnerships

🍌 First Bite

  • 🎉 Official Public Launch on Raydium
  • 🔓 Unlocking Premium Features Post $1M Cap
  • 💳 Payment for Premium Features & Advertisements
  • 📢 Targeted Ad Campaigns for Users & Projects
  • 🔒 Continuous Security & Compliance Updates
  • 💡 User-Friendly Features & Interface Enhancements
  • 🌟 Exclusive Access to Advanced Analytics
  • 🎯 Direct Advertising Options for Projects
  • 📱 Mobile App Development for Accessibility
  • 🔧 Ongoing Feedback Integration & Platform Improvements

🍌 Savoring

  • 📈 Advanced Trading Analytics & Tools
  • 🌍 Global Expansion & Multilingual Support
  • 🔥 Token Burn from Platform Generated Revenue
  • 🎖 Premium Advertising Solutions for Projects
  • 🤝 Enhanced Partnership & Collaboration Features
  • 💼 Professional Portfolio Management Tools
  • 🛠 Interface and Usability Enhancements
  • 📚 Educational Content & User Guides
  • 🔒 Enhanced Security Features
  • 📢 Comprehensive Marketing & Brand Visibility


  • 🚀 Achieving $1 Billion Market Cap
  • 🏆 Establishing Market Leadership in DeFi Analytics
  • 🌐 Recognized Global Brand & Platform
  • 💰 Continuous Revenue Generation & Token Burn
  • 📊 Setting Industry Standards for Analytics & Ads
  • 🌟 Innovating with New Features & Services
  • 📈 Sustained Growth & User Base Expansion
  • 🤝 Solidifying Key Strategic Partnerships
  • 💪 Empowering Community with More Control
  • 🔮 Planning Future Innovations & Directions

Exclusive Airdrop

The first 100 investors will share a 5% airdrop of the total Minionz supply proportionate to their investment; offering an immediate return and stake in the project's success!

Maximized ROI

Early backers gain entry at initial pricing with mechanisms like token burns designed to escalate the token value steadily; fostering an environment ripe for significant ROI!

Priority Access

Early supporters, especially the first 100 receive priority access to the upcoming Minionz Swap premium features along with the advantage of zero-fee advertising on our platform.

Foundation for Growth

Investing early in Minionz places you at the heart of a community set to shape the future of DeFi: with direct impact on the development and expansion of innovative features.

Step 1: Download Phantom Wallet
Step 2: Create New Wallet
Step 3: Copy Your Solana Wallet Address
Step 4: Buy SOL
Step 5: Send SOL to Your Phantom Wallet
Step 6: Enter Our Presale Link
Step 7: Connect Your Phantom Wallet to Pinksale
Step 8: Choose the Amount of Solana to Invest
Step 9: Click on Buy and Complete the Transaction
When's the launch and how do I claim my tokens?
The official launch happens right after our presale ends. For presale participants, claim your $MINIONZ tokens via our Pinksale link by connecting your wallet. We'll simultaneously become tradable on Raydium AMM.
What platforms and exchanges will feature $MINIONZ?
$MINIONZ will be prominently listed on Raydium and various DEXs. We've secured fast-track listings on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG), with fees prepaid to ensure our presence upon becoming tradable. Negotiations are underway with centralized exchanges to broaden our reach, pending the achievement of specific criteria. Additionally, $MINIONZ is set to be featured in renowned crypto magazines, and platforms like Coinsniper, dextools, and coinzilla further amplifying our visibility and investor access.
What sets $MINIONZ apart from other meme coins?
$MINIONZ distinguishes itself through its unique blend of fun and utility, inspired by the beloved Minions and featuring Doge Inu in minion attire. Unlike typical meme coins, $MINIONZ powers Minionz Swap, a specialized blockchain app and website for DeFi analytics and audits exclusively for Solana-based coins. Our platform offers comprehensive insights including metadata analysis, real-time buy/sell data, market caps, charts, LP tokens, and more, tailored for Solana's ecosystem. Additionally, we provide unique premium features for token holders, enhancing their trading strategies and decisions. The utility, combined with a strong community focus, audited and secure contract, and a roadmap rich in development and innovation, places $MINIONZ in a league of its own among meme coins.
Are $MINIONZ a safe bet?
Absolutely. We've implemented multiple safeguards to ensure $MINIONZ is a secure investment choice. Our contract has been professionally audited to eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure it's scam-free. The presale is hosted on Pinksale to guarantee locked liquidity, with funds raised securely allocated to a liquidity pool that's locked for a year. We've incorporated an anti-bot system to protect against price manipulation, and we've committed to 0% team tokens to ensure our dedication to the project's success and community growth. These measures, alongside our transparent development, active community engagement, and strategic partnerships, make investing in $MINIONZ not just safe, but also promising in terms of potential growth and ROI.